Pimp My Ride: Golf Cart Edition

We’ve all seen that souped-up Honda Civics and slammed station wagons. Everyone’s been passed by Mountain Dew chugging Kyle going 95 miles per hour in his turbocharged Mazda Miata in a school zone.

In comparison, golfers are a refined class of people. We do not drive brodozers or coal roll. We do not drift around in JDMs or ricers. Instead, we choose to trick out golf carts with obnoxious, unnecessary, and hilarious upgrades… cause we are adults.

Pink LED Underglow Kit

Honestly, my main complaint about normal golf carts is their lack of underglow lights. Realistically, it’s got some great benefits. The lights could help you locate lost balls. Additional lights would help you to notice puddles, mud, or other hazards.

Most importantly, pink lights would make sure you look fly out on the course. As we all know, at the end of the day, style points are more important than some arbitrary golf score. 

Diamond Plate Rocker Set

If I’ve learned anything from truck modders, it’s that diamond plate = more cool and in turn = more dates, which is helpful because I am very alone and becoming desperate.

This product allows you to take that diamond plate, install it on a golf cart and take it out onto the course. The cart girl will never question my masculinity once I get this installed. 

Carbon Fiber Stereo Console

What would a pimped-out golf cart be without a pimped-out stereo system? This carbon fiber Stereo Console lets you install two 5 ¼ inch speakers and a single din stereo into your golf cart.

No more low-powered Bluetooth speakers. You can blast your favorite tunes loud enough for the entire course to hear!

7-Inch Lift Kit

The average golf cart simply is not capable enough to go the kind of places my shots usually end up. Luckily, great engineering minds are out there that solved this problem.

There is a 7-inch lift kit for golf carts. This greatly increases suspension travel and off-fairway performance. It also comes with a great deal of street cred, when you pull up with the biggest baddest golf cart on the course. 

Steering Column Cooler Tray

This one is pretty practical not gonna lie. It is a steering column cooler tray so that you can put a 12-can cooler in front of the steering wheel of your golf cart.

This is convenient if you find yourself drinking a lot of… uh soda out on the course. It’s honestly a pretty easy way to have the best golf cart in your group. 

Green Grim Reaper Decal Wrap

If you’re a fan of lime green, the grim reaper, and atrocious style, then this is the modification for you.

This vinyl graphic kit enables you to have the “sickest” golf cart in town. It may also be a funny prank to pull on a friend by installing this on their personal ride. 

Muscle Car Body Kit

Muscle cars are undeniably rad. Some great minds have decided to mix golf carts with muscle cars to create the raddest body kit ever devised.

This thing looks unmistakably like a 1960s muscle car. Prices start at a cool $3400, which may seem steep to some, but you certainly can’t buy a muscle car for that kind of money.

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