Summer Sale on Callaway Speed Regime Golf Balls July 24-Aug 17

Breaking News:  The Callaway Speed Regime Summer Sale has Been Cancelled.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.

 For a limited time, purchase the Callaway Speed Regime line of golf balls for only $35.99 per dozen (regular price $47.99).


CSR 1, SR 2 and SR 3 each feature a unique aerodynamic package for more distance and better overall performance.  Reduced spin off the club face makes for fewer slices and hooks, while creating a more penetrating ball flight.  Putting your swing speed first, so you have what you need for every conceivable shot.

Available in three different models, each one tailored to a specific swing speed:

SpeedRegimeMeterSR1 – Ideal for swing speeds under 90 mph while maintaining professional level spin and control. The Hex pattern and lower compression insures a straighter ball flight and more penetrating shot for low to moderate swing speeds.

SR2 – Perfect for swing speeds ranging from 90mph up to 105 mph while still providing excellent feel off the club face. Excellent choice for windy conditions due to the Hex pattern design.

SR3 – For the folks with the big time swing speeds over 105 mph, the SR3 has been specifically designed for players who need to add a few more yards to their game. The penetrating ball flight, less drag, and excellent feel will give your game even more confidence.

speed-regime-beauty-2014-15The combination of a soft cover and soft outer core, which is common to all 3 balls in the Speed Regime lineup, offers outstanding control and high spin around the green.  If you’re not playing a Tour ball that’s been engineered and fit to your swing speed, you are giving up significant performance.  Be a part of the Speed Regime

This limited time offer is only available in store from July 24 through August 17, 2014, so hurry into the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop, Bing Maloney Golf Shop or Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Shop.

The Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop is located at 3645 Fulton Avenue in Sacramento, CA. The Bing Maloney Golf Shop is located at 6801 Freeport Boulevard in Sacramento, CA.  The Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Shop is located at 8301 Freeport Boulevard in Sacramento, CA.  For more information, call 916-808-2526.

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