See What You’ve Been Missing with NEW Prizm™ Sunglasses from Oakley

Prizm™ is a new Oakley lens technology that fine-tunes vision for specific sports and environments.


Prizm™ lenses fine-tune vision for specific sports and environments by emphasizing colors where the eye is most sensitive to detail, and improves performance and safety by enhancing vision. The Prizm™ Golf  lens improves contrast for better separation of color and gives you more depth cues to gauge distance and grass conditions.

Key Benefits:

  • Sharpens visual acuity to help you see more clearly and react faster.
  • Enhances color recognition to help you spot what you need to see.
  • Optimizes your ability to see and track moving objects n your periphery.
  • Improves performance and safety to help you compete with confidence.

How Does Prizm Work?

Using specially engineered lens tints, Oakley Prizm™ technology filters out the background “noise” of light that interferes with vision while emphasizing the colors you need to see for optimal performance. Think of it as ultra-precise color tuning, designed specifically for the environment of your sport or activity.

Ordinary sunglass lenses just make everything darker. Some lenses boost visual contrast but are designed for a range of activities and environments, so they make compromises. The gear you use for a sport is specialized, the lenses should be specialized as well and Prizm™ achieves it.

How did Oakley Achieve this Innovation? Watch below to find out.

Oakley Prizm™ sunglasses are now available at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop in Sacramento, CA. Come in and see the difference for yourself.


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