Putter Magic by Frank LaRosa, ESPN 1320 Golf to Go

Over a round of golf many years ago, Mr. Sacramento, Stan Atkinson and I traded putters…and I began a love affair with my long neck Scotty Cameron Teryllium Newport 2 putter. The black finish would glisten in the sun as I stood over a putt and I always felt confident about drawing it back and making a birdie.

Years later, it began to show its age with scratches, nicks, faded paint, rust, and a depressed top line from dropping it into my golf bag for all those years. Little by little, my putting became less consistent and (horrors) I began to look at newer models.

Then I learned about Scotty’s Custom Shop and their ability to completely restore Cameron putters. The custom shop can stamp initials, apply paint fills, create additional sight dots and lines, add a new grip or head cover, restore your putter’s finish, add weight and even authenticate your putter.

I sent my putter back to the Custom Shop with instructions and personal preferences. When the box arrived about six weeks later, I was like a kid on Christmas morning. The secure packaging was an indication of the treasure I was about to unwrap. Now I know what the phrase “good as new” truly means.

My completely restored, personalized, authenticated Scotty Cameron Teryllium Long-Neck Newport 2 putter looks as though I was pulling it off the shelf for the first time. It boasts a new finish, new shaft, new grip, new head cover, and it’s re-set to original specifications. I can’t say enough about the staff and the personal service I received which matched the extraordinary craftsmanship on the putter.

The team is so proud of their work that every day on their website, they spotlight one putter that has been sent for restoration or customization. Check out what has been done by other customers and maybe get some great ideas for yourself.

Recapture the magic at www.scottycameron.com.

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