Presidential Privilege by Frank LaRosa, ESPN 1320’s Golf to Go asked on their Facebook page which United States President would readers have liked to play golf with? First choice was the King of Camelot, John F. Kennedy. Bad back and all, he was probably the best Presidential golfer. Hmmm, golf with JFK with Marilyn Monroe on the beverage cart.

Barack Obama came in second. The leader of the free world does love to relax on the golf course. In a surprise, George Washington was third. I’m guessing no titanium driver there. Gerald Ford and his errant tee shots was next. Dwight Eisenhower followed at number 5 partly because of his access to Augusta National’s manicured fairways.

George W. Bush with his legitimate 15-handicap was next. His father, “Number 41” is a recent member of the Golf Hall of Fame. The bottom three were Bill Clinton and his questionable handicap; Ronald Reagan who was known to practice his putting on Air Force 1; and Richard Nixon who like a lot of us, took the game seriously….but wasn’t very good at it!

I’m surprised Woodrow Wilson wasn’t mentioned. He painted his golf balls red to play in the snow and had a wife who regularly beat him…on the course, of course!

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