PING introduces G25 series, Scottsdale TR putters with Variable-Depth Grooves and Adjustable-Length Shafts

g25_headerUnlocking new keys to distance, control and accuracy through performance engineering, PING has unveiled the G25™ driver (adjustable), irons, fairway woods and hybrids, along with 12 models of Scottsdale® TR™ (True Roll) putters that feature an insert with industry-first variable-depth grooves and adjustable-length shafts. All of the new clubs will be available online at and in Sacramento at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop and Bing Maloney Golf Shops in mid-February.

“We’re helping golfers play better through some exciting innovations,” said John A. Solheim, PING Chairman & CEO. “The entire line appeals to players of every ability level. The G25 driver offers meaningful adjustability to help all golfers optimize their trajectories without sacrificing the performance that’s often lost in bulkier hosel designs. The entire G25 series represents our continued commitment to engineering products that lead to lower scores and more enjoyment. I’m especially excited about the Scottsdale TR putter line, which features two significant innovations that will lead to tremendous improvement on the greens.”

PING pros Bubba Watson and Hunter Mahan have switched to the new adjustable G25 driver and will make their PGA Tour 2013 season debuts this week at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions with the new driver and fairway woods in their bags. Mahan will also rely on a Scottsdale TR ZB S model at the annual gathering of PGA Tour winners from last year.

In the new G25 iron, PING engineers have created a long, forgiving design with exceptional feel and distance control while maintaining a sleeker profile. The high-performance model features progressive sole widths, thinner top lines and moderate offset which will appeal to golfers of all abilities. Among the advancements that delivers both forgiveness and feel is the repositioned Custom Tuning Port (CTP). By lowering the CTP and aligning it directly with the impact area, weight was saved and redistributed to position the center of gravity for easy launch and expand the perimeter weighting to ensure forgiveness. The G25s feature a dark, non-glare matte finish.

The Scottsdale TR putters feature two industry-first innovations – an insert with variable-depth grooves, and the option of an adjustable-length shaft in all traditional-length models.

The variable-depth grooves in the insert greatly improve ball-speed consistency whether the ball is struck on the center, heel or toe. The grooves are deepest in the center and get shallower toward the perimeter. “We’ve engineered a putter insert with forgiveness,” Solheim said. “Regardless of where the ball impacts the insert, the variable-depth grooves produce nearly identical ball speeds. The distance control is the best we’ve ever seen when compared to inserts of all types.”

Traditional-length models can be ordered with a USGA/R&A-conforming shaft that adjusts from 31” to 38” to give golfers the option of varying the length of their putter prior to a round of golf. “PING has always been a leader in custom fitting, and enabling golfers to personalize the fit and comfort for optimizing performance before a round of golf makes perfect sense,” Solheim added. “Our studies show that golfers are much more accurate and consistent with putters fit to the correct length. With the adjustable-length shaft in the Scottsdale TR, golfers can now properly adjust their putter themselves to the ideal length.”

g25_driverG25™ Adjustable Driver

PING’s largest-profile, most forgiving head design. Golfers can optimize launch conditions for maximum distance through a lightweight, aerodynamic adjustable-hosel design using Trajectory Tuning™ Technology. With a PING wrench, golfers can add or subtract one-half degree of loft to the 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5° and 12° heads. The adjustable-hosel design maintains the same outer diameter and mass of PING’s fixed hosels. Ultra-thin-crown technology in the deeper profile, 460cc Ti 8-1-1 head distributes weight to the perimeter, positions the CG lower and farther back than any PING driver to date, and increases MOI. Structural reinforcements in the crown, sole and skirt provide a solid feel and sound. The variable-thickness face delivers a powerful energy transfer for faster ball speeds and greater distances. The G25 is powered by the innovative TFC 189D, a lightweight, high-balance-point shaft developed specifically for the G25 driver. This shaft creates increased clubhead momentum at impact, which leads to greater ball velocity and forgiveness. A charcoal non-glare finish helps with alignment, eliminates reflections, and inspires confidence.

– Drivers available in 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5° and 12° lofts

– Proprietary graphite shafts: TFC 189D (Soft R, R, S, Tour Stiff, and Tour X-Stiff flexes)

– U.S. MSRP: $385

g25_ironG25™ Irons

The Custom Tuning Port (CTP) is integrated into the sole to lower the mass and position the CG for high-launching, forgiving results. The CTP aligns directly with the impact area, allowing for a lower CG and a high MOI. Support bars in the cavity stabilize the 17-4 stainless steel face to ensure a solid feel and exceptional distance control throughout the set. A multi-material cavity badge further enhances sound and feel. The progressive sole widths provide higher-launching, more-forgiving long irons, and short irons with added playability and control. A sleeker design featuring thinner top lines and moderate offset offers a look that will appeal to a wide variety of golfers looking for a high-launching, extremely forgiving game-improvement model. The attractive new dark, non-glare matte finish eliminates reflections and helps the golfer focus.

-Available 3-9, PW, UW, SW, LW

– Proprietary steel shaft: PING® CFS® (Soft R, R, S and X flexes)

– Proprietary graphite shaft: TFC 189i (Soft R, R, S)

-U.S. MSRP: $97.50 per club w/steel shaft; $125 per club w/graphite shaft.

g25_fairwayG25™ Fairway Woods

An extreme variable-thickness face creates an efficient energy transfer, producing faster ball speeds for greater distance. The face is the thinnest of any PING fairway wood. The low-profile, forgiving design features mass low in the 17-4 stainless steel clubhead, positioning the CG low and back for higher launch and increased forgiveness, especially on shots hit low on the face, the most common “miss-hit”. It features a large head design with a traditional shape that aligns easily with the target. A charcoal non-glare finish helps with alignment, eliminates reflections, and inspires confidence.

– Fairway woods available: 3 (15º), 4 (16.5º), 5 (18º), and 7-woods (21º)

– Proprietary graphite shaft: TFC 189F (Soft R, R, S, Tour-Stiff, and Tour X-Stiff flexes)

– U.S. MSRP: $255

g25_hybridG25™ Hybrids

Progressive CG positions help to achieve proper trajectories and ensure functional distance gaps between clubs. The CG position is lower and farther back in the lower-lofted hybrids and

progresses slightly forward in the higher lofts to help minimize spin and prevent ballooning (common in higher-lofted hybrids). External sole weighting positions weight low and back and elevates the MOI for greater distance and forgiveness in the 17-4 stainless steel heads. Generous camber heel-to-toe and sole relief ensure playability and solid contact from all types of lies. A large hitting surface and thin face perimeter provide forgiveness and high ball speeds. A squared-up toe and heel improves consistency and makes alignment easy. The dark, non-glare finish eliminates distractions.

– Hybrids available: 17º, 20º, 23º, 27º, 31º

– Proprietary graphite shaft: TFC 189H (Soft R, R, S, Tour-Stiff, and Tour X-Stiff flexes)

– U.S. MSRP: $220

Scottsdale® TR™ (True Roll) Adjustable-Length Putters

Variable-depth grooves in the insert are deepest in the center and get gradually shallower to the perimeter to provide nearly identical ball speeds across the putter face for more consistent distance control. PING studies show an increase in ball-speed consistency, measured at nine points on the face, of nearly 50%. The insert is made from a lightweight 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum that provides a solid feel and sound. The finish is a non-glare black PVD, and all models feature white sight lines that aid in alignment. A mid-size full-cord PING Black PP58 grip is standard on all traditional-length models.

– Adjustable-length, USGA/R&A-conforming shaft adjusts 31” to 38” in standard models (optional); belly models 37.5” to 46.5”; long models 44.5” to 55.5”.

-12 Fit For Stroke™ models. Slight arc models = Anser® 2, B60, Shea®, Tomcat S®, Anser® 2 B (adjustable belly). Strong arc models = ZB S®, Shea® H. Straight models = Piper® C, Tatum™, Carefree® L (adjustable long). All stroke types available = Grayhawk™, Senita®

– U.S. MSRP: $162.50 (Anser 2, B60,Tomcat S, ZB S, Shea, Shea H, Piper C, Tatum). Adjustable-length upcharge: $35

– U.S. MSRP: $192.50 (Grayhawk, Senita)

– U.S. MSRP: $235 (Anser B, Carefree L)

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