PEGGY DODDS MEMORIAL – 86TH SAC CITY JR Winners: Rishan Dey, Audrey Nakamura, Justin Garcia, Lucy Jerde, Gabriella Borrego, Amreen Bajwa, Thomas Ma, Andrew Zhou, Marc Vince Paracuelles, Samantha Chiou, Serene Kim, Giana Main, Akira Ransi, Landon Abalateo, Landon Abalateo, Taylor Baker, Petra Yee, Mia Cho, Sophia Lee, Clark Van Gaalen, Matthew Shimizu, Logan Green, Tavia Burgess, Amy Na, Hannah Camara, Brenna Preap

Peggy (pictured left) at the The 85th Peggy Dodds Sacramento City Junior Golf Championship in 2021

The Peggy Dodds Memorial – 86th Sac City Jr. Golf Tournament lasted from July 5th – 6th. Junior golfers met at Mackenzie Course here at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex. This tournament was special to us all because Peggy, who hosted the tournament into her early 90’s, passed away within the last year.

She had remarkably given almost SEVEN DECADES of volunteer work for junior golf tournaments in the Sacramento region. She took the reins in the early 1980s from another Sacramento Golf Hall of Famer, Irene Kaminsky, on the Sacramento City Junior Golf Championship and has run the prestigious golf event ever since.

Born and raised in Sacramento, Peggy went to Sacramento High School and Sacramento Junior College. At Sac City College, she took PE golf classes from (fellow SGHOF inductee) Beth Hightower. Beginning in 1983, she devoted her time to running multiple junior golf events at the Sacramento City and County golf courses. She joined the Sacramento Golf Council in 1985. She was asked to reorganize the declining junior championships, and now they remain some of the crown jewel events across Northern California and beyond. She spent countless hours volunteering to help with additional events, including Little Linkers, The First Tee of Greater Sacramento Tour, and other Golf Council events. Her tireless devotion to juniors has created multi-generations of parents and kids who have benefitted from the work that she has done. Peggy is greatly missed!

In honor of Peggy, her namesake tournament was open to all junior golfers ages 7 to 18 as of July 5, 2022. Those age 18 participated as long as they had not started college before July 5, 2022.

Congratulations to the winners of each age category:

Boys 7-9: Rishan Dey

Girls 7-9: Audrey Nakamura

Boys 10-11: Justin Garcia

Girls 10-11: Lucy Jerde (1st Place), Gabriella Borrego (2nd Place), Amreen Bajwa (3rd Place)

Boys 12-13: Thomas Ma (1st Place), Andrew Zhou (2nd Place), Marc Vince Paracuelles (3rd Place)

Girls 12-13: Samantha Chiou (1st Place), Serene Kim (2nd Place), Giana Main (3rd Place)

Boys 14-15: Akira Ransi (1st Place), Landon Abalateo (2nd Place), Trenton Stuart (3rd Place)

Girls 14-15: Taylor Baker (1st Place), Petra Yee (2nd Place), Mia Cho (T3rd Place), Sophia Lee (T3rd Place)

Boys 16-18: Clark Van Gaalen (1st Place), Matthew Shimizu (2nd Place), Logan Green (3rd Place)

Girls 16-18: Tavia Burgess (1st Place), Amy Na (T2nd Place), Hannah Camara (T2nd Place), Brenna Preap (T2nd Place)

Boys Team 14-18: Clark Van Gaalen (1st Place), Matthew Shimizu (2nd Place), Logan Green (T3rd Place), Akira Ransi (T3rd Place)

Girls Team 14-18: Taylor Baker (1st Place), Petra Yee (2nd Place), Tavia Burgess (3rd Place)

Take a look at the Peggy Dodds Memorial – 86th Sac City Jr. leaderboard below..

Boys 7-9:

Girls 7-9:

Boys 10-11:

Girls 10-11:

Boys 12-13:

Girls 12-13:

Boys 14-15:

Girls 14-15:

Boys 16-18:

Girls 16-18:

Boys Team 14-18:

Girls Team 14-18:

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