Our Top 10 Reasons to Golf During the Winter Season

The winter season of golf is here. We’ve come up with our top 10 reasons you’ll want to keep your clubs at the ready during the colder months.

With the holidays behind us, and spring in the distant future, there’s no time like the present to talk about getting out on the course during the winter months. Here are our top reasons to golf this winter.

1. With so little rain, and no watering in the winter, golfers are experiencing their longest drives of the year with extra firm fairways
2. Historically, golfers watch their handicap rise in the winter season. Keep your handicap stable in the winter by playing at least once per week. Then, when the spring season arrives, you are ready to lower your scores.
3. Walking 18 holes of golf is about 6 miles of exercise (3 miles for 9 holes). What a great way to stay in shape.
4. With 60 degree temperatures, you can play in shorts, pants, sweats, or whatever you like.
5. The winter temperatures slow the grass from growing, creating smooth, quick greens.
6. So nice to play in the winter and not have to worry about sun protection
7. Speaking of the sun, playing golf in the winter gets us outside, creating 30% more Vitamin D and Serotonin, which promotes a more positive mood, resulting in better sleep.
8. The potential of fewer golfers on the course allows you the time to practice some different course management strategies.
9.Winter’s air quality is excellent for those pesky seasonal allergies.
10. Because you LOVE to golf.

Special thanks to Mike Woods, Tom Morton, Shaun Barnes and Steve Olsen for helping compile this list.

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