ESPN 1320’s Frank LaRosa & Nike’s Jeff Stewart talk Nike RZN Golf Ball

Frank LaRosa with Golf to Go on ESPN 1320 talks with Jeff Stewart from Nike Golf about their newest innovation the  Nike RZN golf ball. 

Nike is taking it back to it’s waffle-iron roots with it’s latest golf ball design. Nike famously used a waffle-iron design on the sole of its running shoes to revolutionize the way we run. Today, it is employing a similar pattern in its newest premium golf ball line, the RZN.

The key technology in the RZN line of balls is the  new Resin Speedlock core design. It has a surface similar to the waffle-iron that allows the resin core to interconnect with the compression layer to form a tighter bond.  The core of the ball is smaller & lighter. Why is this important? Speedlock allows the ball to stay in place which transfers energy to the golf ball at impact. This tighter bond makes it easier to get additional ball speed, distance and consistent flight.

This franchise of balls includes the RZN Platinum, Black, Red and White.  Black and Platinum, which should primarily be used by pros, are actually made up of four pieces.  Black is a low-spinning ball while Platinum, is a mid-spinning ball. Red and White, which were designed with amateurs in mind, are three-piece balls. Red are meant for more carry while White have a softer feel, resulting in control.

The RZN design optimizes spin and carry for the entire spectrum of golfers.

For more information on these balls, click HERE.

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