Nike Patents Golf Clothing To Improve Golf Swing

nikeCan your clothing make you a better golfer? Nike Golf thinks it can and they plan to put your golf coach to the test when they design their newest golf apparel.

On August 27th, Nike obtained several patents including clothing that will have tighter material in areas that are key to repetitive movements in the golf swing. Nike describes it as “articles of apparel providing enhanced body position feedback”.  And the thought is that this tighter fit will increase the muscle stimulation in key areas that can help guide the correct repetitive movement in a golfer’s swing to improve a golfer’s form. Basically, Nike is going to try to have their clothing accomplish what your golf pro has been trying to get you to do for years!

According to the patent, a thin elastic material would be embedded into the lower back of the shirt to heighten sensation. You can’t see your back when you are swinging the golf club and it is hard to feel if you have proper form which is one reason why many golfers rely on their golf professional to provide feedback. Perhaps, your Nike golf shirts of the future can do this for you.

Another potential benefit is the shirt could also lower the risk of injury by keeping golfers in proper form throughout the entire golf swing.

Perhaps this will turn the average golfer into the next Tiger Woods… but don’t cancel your next golf lesson quite yet! There is no guarantee that just because Nike has secured the patent that it will make use of it. This may be an idea that never reaches fruition. However, I hope it does- it would be cool to see what Nike designers introduce from this conceptualization! Nike has always been at the forefront for innovation.

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