Newly Updated Power Tee System Installed at the Haggin Oaks Driving Range

The Haggin Oaks Golf Complex has entered into an agreement to continue with the Power Tee Automated Tee Up System at the Haggin Oaks Driving Range.


The Haggin Oaks Golf Complex, which already boasts one of America’s Top 100 Driving Ranges by Range Magazine, is excited to report that we have begun installation of the brand new Power Tee system, a self-teeing system which is one of the most productive and enjoyable practice aids available to a golfer on today’s ranges.

The Power Tee system works by pouring the golfer’s bucket of balls in an underground holding container. After adjusting tee height, a ball pops out of the hole in the mat and tees the ball automatically. After a shot, the tee disappears into a hole and reappears seconds later with another ball.

The right half of the driving range will have the brand new Power Tee systems. The left half of the driving range will have traditional mats (similar to the back of the range).

We believe offering both options will best serve our customers preferences. The new power tees should be fully installed by April 1st.

The Haggin Oaks night-lighted driving range and learning center consists of 100 hitting stalls. It is open 24-hours a day from May 1 through September 30, and varying hours during the winter months.

To see the Power Tee in action, a video is available to view HERE.

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