Mike Woods Gives Tips on Using Your Fairway Woods to Eileen Javora on KCRA Channel 3

Mike Woods, Head PGA Professional at Haggin Oaks, gives Eileen Javora some tips on using a fairway wood to KCRA Channel 3 meteorologist, Eileen Javora.  Click HERE to watch the video!

Fairway woods are key clubs for your golf bag and are used to gain distance on “off the ground” shots. Don’t simply rely on your irons to get the job done.

The PING G20 Fairway Wood is currently a fairway wood that Mike Woods recommends. The PING G20 features extra weight positioned behind the “G20” on the club. This added weight is made from tungsten while most of the remaining head is constructed from steel. By putting more weight in the back of the club and low (ie. the bottom) of the club, you create a club that is easier to hit. Therefore, if you hit the ball anywhere around the face, the weight positioned underneath the club will really allow that ball to get up and fly!

Why should you choose a fairway wood over a traditional iron on the course?  The iron is harder to hit than the fairway wood. The fairway wood is bigger and the face is wider, and the results speak for themselves. If you don’t hit the iron smack-dab in the center of the face, then you are in trouble. With the fairway woods, there is much more forgiveness on off-center shots.

Another option is the hybrid which is a good mix between the iron and fairway wood. The hybrid features a nice large sole similar to a fairway wood but it looks more like a traditional iron when you are setting the ball up and hitting it.

The best part of a hybrid has to do with the lie you are hitting your ball from. If you are hitting your ball from a typical fairway lie, then the hybrid will work great as will a fairway wood. However, the hybrid shines on deep grass shots. You will struggle with your fairway wood on these shots while the sleeker, slightly smaller hybrid will carve the ball out of that grass.

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