Matt Young Offers a FREE Video Golf Lesson Tip on Proper Club Selection When Chipping

Matt Young is a teaching professional at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex in Sacramento, CA, and he shares his tip on choosing the right club when chipping. HINT – it may not be the one you are currently using!

Most golfers get into the habit of always using the same club (ie. the sand wedge or a similar club with a lot of loft) when faced with a chip shot. Why should you think outside the wedge? It can be hard to predict the kind of roll you will get out of this shot.

Unless you have a shot that needs to carry, Matt suggests you try something different when faced with your next chip shot. Pick up your putter or pull your 7-iron out of the bag and watch Matt’s video to find out how to perfect your chipping stroke with these clubs to hit the perfect “chip shot”.

“Try this drill with different clubs. Get creative with the shots you try and once you get the hang of it you will notice the dispersion of your chips will be a lot closer to the hole. Hopefully this will help you be more confident with your chips, get closer to the hole and give you a chance to make more one putts to lower your scores.” ~Matt Young

To schedule a lesson with Matt, call 916-808-2531. Matt also writes a weekly blog called “My Life on the Green“. Click HERE to get more tips to help improve your golf game.

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