Maloney’s Grille Grilled Up New Food Specials for October

October’s food specials look particularly tantalizing: Teriyaki Bowl, Buffalo Chicken Melt, and Western Bacon Burger.

Are you ready for this month’s feast options at Maloney’s Grille? All the food specials look so scrumptious and comforting during fall’s cooling winds.

Teriyaki Bowl is a great option this month for lunch at Maloney’s! Sweet teriyaki sauce on sliced grilled chicken on top of rice plus a side salad with ginger sesame dressing. What a yummy alternative to the usual sandwich or burger option, really. Not that we’re complaining about either but, hey, sometimes rice instead of bread is a fun change.

Burgers are great. Fact. The Western Bacon Burger is one of our favorites… something about BBQ sauce and onion rings getting tossed in. It’s like getting combo points in a video game. Or like getting double birdie. There, we knew we’d get to the right analogy at some point!

Buffalo sauce may or may not be a craving of yours. If it is, you’re in luck with this month’s special. Crispy chicken, Frank’s Hot Sauce, melted swiss cheese, and everything else on sourdough bread, plus your choice of side. That’s right, the sandwich sounds an awful lot like a Buffalo Chicken Melt. Get it this month only at Maloney’s.

Maloney’s Grille is open from  6:00 AM — 6:00 PM everyday! Stop by and eat up October’s tasty specials.

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