The Major Championship Menu and BBQ

Check out our special “Major Championship Menu” at the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo so you too can eat like a champion.

Doing all that shopping and fitting and trading is sure to make you hungry. Plus if you’re going to dress like a tour pro, you might as well eat like one. Our catering team has created a special Major Championship Menu just for the Golf Expo weekend to give you a genuine taste of those special events.

Take a bite of our straight-from-Augusta famed Pimento Cheese or Egg-Salad Sandwiches. They’ll be wrapped in green wax paper just like they are each April along those beautiful azaleas.

However, if Burgers are more your thing, take advantage of our special Olympic-sized burger similar that was served at last year’s US Open. It’s a slice of specially seasoned hamburger meat served lengthwise in a hot dog bun. With a tummy full of delicious food, nothing’s going to stop your Haggin Oaks Golf Expo experience!

The Haggin Oaks Golf Expo will have over 190 different manufacturers and booths this year. Our expo still reigns supreme as “America’s Largest Demo Days” and that’s why we host over 22,000 golfers from all over California, Oregon, and Nevada. By and large, we showcase the latest in golf equipment to the best vacation destinations… along with everything in between! Best of all, admission is FREE!

Mark your calendars for Friday, April 27 through Sunday, April 29, 2018, from 9am to 5pm Friday and Saturday and 9am to 4pm on Sunday and parking is $5. For more information on the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo, go to our website,

Haggin Oaks Golf Expo



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