Limited Time Offer for a FREE FlightScope Fitting with Jae Won at the Bing Maloney Golf Course

JaeWon_1000Jae Won, teaching professional at the Bing Maloney Golf Course, has a limited time offer for a FREE FlightScope Fitting with any $200 retail purchase. This offer is valued up to $85. Call 916-808-2283 to book your fitting today.

Whether you are a beginner or a scratch golfer, it is important to be properly fit for your golf equipment. If you aren’t using clubs that are properly fit for your swing, you are sacrificing distance and consistency.

What happens during a FlightScope Fitting?

FlightScope uses Doppler Radar technology to monitor three-dimensional clubhead movement and ball flight from impact to landing. During your fitting, Jae will then be able to make specific recommendations for your grip, shaft, flex, length, lie angle, and loft. A one hour FlightScope fitting is normally $85. For a limited time, Jae is offering this exceptionally value at no charge with any retail purchase of $200 or more.

Do you want to get a FREE FlightScope Fitting and have more fun, and achieve greater distance and gain better consistency on your next round of golf?  Contact Jae Won at the Bing Maloney Golf Course in Sacramento, CA at 916-808-2283 and schedule an appointment. The FlightScope Fitting is FREE with any $200 retail purchase. If you are in the market for a new putter, set of wedges, set of irons, fairway woods or driver, then it is definitely worth taking the time to get properly fit first!

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