Learn How the Titleist 913 Fairway Woods and Hybrids Have Enhanced the Speed Over the 910 Models

Find out how the new Titleist 913 Fairway Woods and Hybrids have improved their design over the previous Titleist 910 models with this video brought to us from Frank LaRosa with Golf to Go on ESPN Radio 1320 and Titleist Representative TJ Gillen.

The designers at Titleist were looking to increase ball speed, improve launch conditions and ultimately provide a more consistent golf club for consumers when they set out to create the new Titleist 913 Fairway Wood.

Titleist doesn’t use face inserts in fairway woods. To reposition the Center of Gravity in the new 913 fairway woods, Titleist had to take weight from a different place than they did in the drivers. Titleist went to a thinner crown design and significantly changed the hosel design. The new hosel is shorter and thinner and saves a significant amount of mass that Titleist was able to reposition on the bottom of the club.

There are two models of Titleist 913 fairway woods – 913F and 913F.d low spin. The most noticable difference between the two is the positioning of that sole weight. The 913F is going to be a more playable model for all golfers – it will offer the most variety of shot performance through its smaller design and its rearward weight positioning. The 913F.d low spin offers a slightly larger head with a more forward positioned weight. It is designed to produce a lower trajectory and a lower spin. This is a good option for the player who is looking for something to hit off the tee or to reduce launch and spin on the fairway.

Now let’s discuss the 913 Hybrids from Titleist. These clubs feature the most significant cosmetic changes in the 913 metals compared to the 910 line of clubs. The Titleist 913 hybrids have a softer curvature of the toe and a sleeker heel as it comes back into the hosel to give it a more playable look at the address position. The head also features a bit more offset, specifically in the higher lofted models.

The overall goal in the Titleist 913 Hybrids though was to increase speed and the same changes were made to the hybrid that were made to the fairway wood. A shorter, thinner hosel design was utilized with the extra mass repositioned to the bottom of the club.

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