Junior Golf Summer Camps Start Soon!

Junior Golf Camps Available All Summer at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex for All Ages

For all the junior golfers in your life, summer camps are a great choice to spend the summer at Haggin Oaks! All summer camps are age designated and focus on The Nine Core Values™ of The First Tee teaching curriculum. Our junior golf summer camps are fun, engaging and educational. It is the primary goal of all of the coaches to make sure that our juniors have fun and walk away feeling comfortable at a golf course. How do we do this? We have fun! Lots of fun through the use of SNAG equipment, hula hoops, pool noodles and much more.
*Purchase three or more Summer Camps at one time, receive a 10% discount

Wee Swinger Junior Camps — $179.95
Ages: 5-8 Golf Skill Level: Beginner Description: This is an entry level camp for those who have very little golf experience. The children will be introduced to the basics of the grip, set-up, parts of a golf hole, the driving range and other general areas of the facility. Coaches emphasize fun, healthy choices and provide a welcoming environment. Click HERE to Register.

Training to Play — $189.95
Ages: 9-13 Golf Skill Level: Beginner Description: The Training to Play summer camp is designed for those children who may not have started golf at a young age, but are interested in learning more about the game. Not only are the basics to the sport discussed, but the participants will have many opportunities to play our Academy Holes, in turn building their confidence, so that they are confident on the golf course. Click HERE to Register.

Training to Compete— $199.95
Ages: 13-17 Golf Skill Level: Intermediate Description: This camp is the perfect fit for those students who have played nine holes and are comfortable on the course. We focus more on the technical aspects of the game, giving the participants a deeper understanding of how to compete. Click HERE to Register.

Little/Junior Linker – $179.95
Our longest running program at Haggin Oaks! A 9 hole play league taking place on Wednesdays for ages 7-17 on the Arcade Creek Golf Course. Green Fees and the Junior/Senior Tournament are all included in the price. Click HERE to Register.

LPGA/USGA Girls Golf  – $119.95
A 9 hole play league taking place on Thursdays for girls ages 8-17 on the Arcade Creek Golf Course. Green Fees are all included in the price. Click HERE to Register.

Masters On Course* – $139.95
This program is meant for the teen participant who has some golf experience, but is looking for specific tools (learning how to practice, developing an understanding for course management, etc.) to take them to the next level. Click HERE to Register.

FUNdamental Movement – $109.95
Participants of FUNdamental Movement I will experience The First Tee Nine Core Values™ and LifeSkills, the fundamentals of the golf game, as well as develop athletic skills that are not only beneficial to their golf game, but more importantly their overall health. Click HERE to Register.

High School Prep Class* – $129.95
The High School Prep Class is geared toward those participants who are interested in improving and possibly playing for their high school team. All facets of the game will be worked on in a station based set-up all the while learning more about The First Tee. There will be an opportunity to play 9 holes on the Arcade Creek Golf Course toward the end of the class session. Click HERE to Register.

Tots on the Tee – $89.95
Tots on the Tee is a junior golf program designed for children ages 3 and 4. Participants will be introduced to the basic concepts of the game, athletic movements to enhance hand and eye coordination development and The First Tee Core Values.  Click HERE to Register.

Tots on the Course – $89.95
Tots on the Course is a play league for children ages 4-6 held on the Haggin Oaks Academy Holes. This league allows the participants of the Tots on the Tee to take the skills learned during class out on to the course. Click HERE to Register.

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Haggin Oaks is located at 3645 Fulton Ave. Sacramento, CA 95821. For any questions please call the Haggin Oaks Golf Concierge at 916-808-2531.

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