Job Announcement – Golf Equipment Mechanic Position Available at Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course




1 Equipment Mechanic at Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course

The equipment manager reports to the golf course superintendent and/or the assistant golf course superintendent and oversees a comprehensive preventive maintenance program. This program also includes the repair of failing golf course equipment, keeping records on each piece of equipment as well as maintaining an inventory of parts needed to maintain each piece of equipment and placing orders for parts and supplies needed for equipment or service. The Equipment Mechanic properly communicates any needs or problems relating the maintenance or repair of equipment to the superintendent and/or assistant superintendent, and schedules and directs the work assignments of the assistant equipment mechanic if there is one. The equipment manager places safety as a top priority and is responsible for maintaining a clean service area and maintenance building.

• Must have a minimum of 3 years working knowledge of light and heavy maintenance equipment and automotive apparatuses.
• Must have skills in the use of a variety of equipment repair tools, and the making of various types of mechanical repair.
• Possesses a working knowledge of the theory, care, and operations of internal combustion engines and mowing equipment.
• Has a strong knowledge of the hazards and safety precautions of the profession.
• Ability to move heavy objects.
• Ability to work in a variety of weather conditions while repairing equipment.
• Ability to diagnose mechanical troubles and determine appropriate maintenance work.
• A competitive advantage for this position is having the interest and/or ability to play the game of golf and understand how job performances affect the playing conditions of the golf course.
• The possession of a valid driver’s license, and possibly a commercial driver’s license.

HOURLY RATE RANGE: Head Mechanic $13.50 to $19.25 – Assist. Mechanic $12.50-$16.00

• GOVERNMENT BENEFITS – Social Security & Medicare, FUTA, SUTA
• VACATION – 2 Weeks (Start accumulating at beginning but can’t use until employed one year).
• SICK LEAVE – 1 Week (Start accumulating at beginning but can’t use until employed six months).
• WORKERS COMPENSATION – Begins on first day of employment
• HEALTHCARE – Morton Golf will pay a portion of employees monthly premium for health and/or dental insurance (Must work 90 Day Introductory Period before becoming eligible).
• RETIREMENT/401k – Morton Golf has created a non-mandatory 100% self funding 401k retirement service with the Merrill Lynch Company for it employees. The employee has a direct relationship with Merrill Lynch and is to full control of their personal investment strategy with Merrill Lynch.
• ADDITIONAL BENEFITS/EMPLOYEE DISCOUNTS – as per Morton Golf Employee Handbook.

To apply for the position above, please send application/resume by any of the following methods:

• WALK INS – Turn into Tournament Desk inside the Starter Pro Shop at the Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course.
• BY MAIL: Morton Golf LLC – Human Resources Dept, ATTN: Campbell Turner 8301 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95832
• BY FAX – (916) 665-9173
• BY PHONE – Call (916) 808-6297
As a condition of employment, employees are required to take and pass a drug test paid for by Morton Golf and sign a drug-free workplace agreement.

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