How Well Do You Know Haggin Oaks? Test Your Knowledge with these questions!

How well do you think you know Haggin Oaks? Answer the questions below to see (but don’t cheat and look at the answers before you guess!)

  1. How many parking stalls are there in the front parking lot of Haggin Oaks?
    1. Approx. 400
  2. How many acres does Haggin Oaks Golf Complex sit on?
    1. Approx. 350
  3. What year did Alister MacKenzie design the golf course at Haggin Oaks?
    1. 1931 – The next year 1932 the course was built.  The golf course is now 88 years old.
  4. How many years was the “Haggin Oaks Golf Expo” held at Haggin Oaks which was known to be the largest Golf Expo in the world?
    1. 44 years
  5. What is going to be the BEST YEAR ever at Morton Golf?
    1. 2021!

How many did you get right? Let us know in the comments section below!

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