How to find out which Titleist Golf Balls and Golf Clubs are right for you.

We’ve answered some of the most common questions about choosing the best Titleist Golf Balls and Clubs for your golf game.

We recently spoke with one of your extremely knowledgeable sales reps – Aaron Young at Titleist to answer some of the internets most common questions about their golf balls and clubs. In the videos below, you’ll find a deep dive into some of these questions and many more.

We also had Aaron Young from Titleist join us on a past Podcast episodes where discussed some of their recent club releases as well as what you things you should look for in golf balls.

What is the best Titleist Golf Ball for a beginner golfer?

This is a very common question for people that are unsure about the features and specs they should be looking for in Golf Balls. Thankfully Titleist does a fantastic job of making this easier. One awesome feature on the Titleist Website is the Golf Ball Selection Tool. It gives you the ability to answer questions about your playing frequency, style and much more to help guide you in making an informed decision. You can check out our wide selection of Titleist Golf Balls by heading to Many people that are just getting started with golf typically prefer a softer feel. In this case, we would recommend trying out the Titleist Tru Feel golf ball.

How can I find out which Titleist Ball is right for me?

One key thing to remember is that you should first analyze what your goals are and then decide from there. Questions you can ask yourself include, what is your preferred trajectory? What is your typical ball flight? Is it typically a Fade, Draw, or Straight? How would you describe your spin and control on your approach shots? After answering these questions, this will help you point yourself in the right direction and align your goals with the proper ball. We recommend you check out the Titleist Golf Ball Selection tool to assist you in getting a recommendation based on your answers to some of the questions above.

Which Titleist Golf Ball should I use if I have a slower swing speed?

Many golf enthusiasts including tour players enjoy playing with the Titleist Pro V1x. The technology used in these balls makes it an excellent choice for those that may be suffering from slowing swing speeds, but want to get plenty of distance out of their ball. The Pro V1x offers increased speed for extraordinary distance, high trajectory, low long game spin, Drop-and-Stop™ control and soft feel that most players love.

Which Titleist ball is the softest?

Softness can vary from person to person since each person’s perception and interpretation of softness is unique. However, according to lab testing, the Titleist Tru Feel is considered the softest. They use technology to measure the center of the ball and all of its components to determine the level of softness.

What are the main differences between the Titleist T-100, T-200, T-300, and T-400 Irons?

The Titleist T-100 irons are the most popular on the PGA Tour. They are great for a low to mid handicap player. If you happen to hit it incorrectly there is very little twisting at the toe. The T-100’s are a players cavity back that has a very pure feel and caters to the more advanced player. It’s a player’s cavity back with a really pure feel and caters to a better player.

The Titleist T-200 irons are a player’s club with performance features that generate added distance. The face is set away from the golf club so you get more of a trampoline effect when you hit the ball. It is essentially a distance iron thats made for a low to mid handicap player that may have lost speed and distance in their game over the years.

The Titleist T-300. This was designed for the mid to high handicapped player that enjoys the game but does not necessarily need premium performance specs. These irons still offer a sleek design that the “average” player nowadays is looking for.

The Titleist T-400 does have the “classic” look compared to the T-100, T-200, or T-300 but it has the most amount of tungsten. The T-400 is a great choice for golfers that may struggle to get the ball in the air. The weight is very low in the golf club and helps you get the lift when you need it the most. It is perfect for someone that is has lost some strength over the years and cannot get the ball up in the air like they used to. It has the characteristics of a hybrid club.

What are the main differences between Steel and Graphite Irons?

Graphite is a lighter in comparison to Steel. If you are looking for faster clubhead speeds and want to reduce the amount of energy involved in your swing, then Graphite is a great option. Graphite also does a great job of absorbing the blow when hitting the ball so it may be better for some that do not want to feel the hard impact. The benefit of using Steel shafts is that you will have increased feel on impact because of the increased vibrations that travel through the shaft. Advanced players really enjoy this sensation as it helps them to fine-tune their hits. Steel shafted clubs are usually less expensive then Graphite.

Should I change golf balls based on weather conditions? 

The chances of the playability of your golf ball in different weather conditions is slim to none. One important factor to keep in mind is the storage of your golf balls. It is best to keep them in “room temperature” settings instead of a very cold or extremely hot garage. If they are stored in extreme temperatures and you immediately take them out to play, you can experience slight changes to the playability of the ball.

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