Haunted (Mini) Golf: Spooky Fun for Everyone

“Tis the season”, but not of warm fireplaces, delicately wrapped gifts, and holiday cookies. This is the season of spooks and haunts.

It’s the time of year when the young and old embrace our fears and find comradery in our fright. Golf will always be linked to its pompous perception and to some it may be justified. You would be hard-pressed to find a golf course that fully embraces the Halloween season.

Although, certain courses may find themselves linked to the supernatural all on their own. Most golfers relegate Halloween to an evening party or scary movie marathon. Luckily, golf’s younger sillier sibling, mini-golf, embrace the festivities in grand fashion! 

Let’s take a look at two unbelievable mini golf locations. While each distinct and unique, these courses offer all of us a similar thrill and childish wonder. Year-round, both offer a spooky atmosphere and terrifying scenes. Golfers battle each other through the twisting, windy obstacles. 

The first course is named Monster Mini Golf. This course is actually a franchise with close to 30 locations around North America. Each location prides itself on its unbelievably immersive theming.

The most common theme is, as its name suggests, “monsters”. It goes beyond simple murals on the wall. The courses are entirely indoors and glow in the dark. Life-size ghoulish sculptures dominate the scenery. You can even find animatronic beasts as you progress your way through the course.

While many of the locations are worth seeing, perhaps the greatest is the “Twilight Zone” course located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Unlike the other locations, this one is uniquely themed after Rod Serling’s “The Twilight Zone”. Recognizable characters and moments from the show can be found all around you. Recreated figures include the pig-faced nurse from “ Eye of the Beholder” and the one-eyed alien from “The Fear” among many others. 

The second incredible mini-golf course on our list is called Haunted Golf. Located in Ocean City, New Jersey, this unique course is not entirely glow-in-the-dark. The course winds itself through unique scenes and locations. Rooms have distinct characters and themes. You can find yourself in a haunted ballroom or spooky library.

Haunted Golf invokes Disney’s Haunted Mansion style theming while not being too scary for the whole family, this mini-golf course produces genuine feelings of fright. If you ever find yourself in Ocean City, this is a must-visit! 

These golfing experiences hopefully can bring some holiday enjoyment this year. However, if you don’t live nearby any of them or simply prefer regular golf, then just be sure to sprinkle some Halloween horror into the season.

Host a scary movie marathon or go on a local ghost tour after your golf round. Any way you celebrate you’re helping to spread some holiday cheer… or just fear. 

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