Haggin Oaks Niners Golf Club Combines Friendly Competition And Course Camaraderie

Would you like an organized day of 9-holes every Thursday on the Arcade Creek Golf Course with a bunch of very fun ladies as passionate about friendships as they are about golf?

The Haggin Oaks Niners is open to women who enjoy playing golf for camaraderie and improvement of the game. The Haggin Oaks Niner’s Golf Club was formed in 1965 and plays 9 holes every Thursday morning on the Arcade Creek course. The club is year-round with major and minor tournaments throughout the year. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned player, this club accommodates all. The Niner’s are always accepting new members and encourage everyone to join. Annual dues are only $25. More information about joining the club is available in the Ladies Lounge at Haggin Oaks, or contact Tammy Beckman at jtmdabeckman(at)yahoo.com.

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