GPS – The Golfer Positioning System with Bob Duncan

Bob Duncan is a former teaching professional at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex and has developed the GPS (Golfer Positioning System). We invite you to check out the revolutionary new instructional program that he has developed for your golf game.

Play Masterful Golf Without Improving Your Swing!
GPS is a unique Playing Method that predicts 4 of the most important keys to performance — keys that are neglected by almost every other instruction method!

These are playing principles that even many tour pros don’t know…

Predict What Your Ball Will Do!
GPS is designed and built on actual on-course performance: these are the lessons in the game you’ve never been taught! What really happens on the course is the key to playing the game. Learn how to PREDICT what your ball will do — even be able to call your shot!

To Be a Player, Go Beyond Conventional
With conventional instruction you’ll continue to achieve the same, conventional results. You can’t use the same, tired models to produce vastly improved scores. New, extreme performance requires a new school… Real players are going new school, with new-school methods, and shrewd, competitive techniques!

Your model swing? That’s between you and your pro. You’ve heard it all before: turn your shoulders, clear your hips, extend through the ball, and on and on… But you can find your game with GPS!

Golf Guru, Swing Model, or GPS?
Whether you’re following your favorite Golf Guru, or you’re into the more technical Stack and Tilt swing philosophy or the Golf Machine model, the fact is that every situation on the course is different… and because of that, every shot cannot perform the same way. Do you ever wonder why you swear you made the same swing and yet you received a different result?

Have You Reached a Swing Plateau?
Every player reaches that point in which improving the swing becomes more and more difficult. What’s left? Learning how to play the game! We all know there’s more to it than the model swing — so if not now… when? At some point, don’t you need to look beyond your search for the perfect swing?

In Golf, Predictable is Exciting!
GPS not only explains it, GPS PREDICTS IT GPS tells you what WILL happen. GPS offers you the opportunity to understand where your ball will finish and how it wll get there…

Stuck on the Swing Model Treadmill?
If you’re still stuck on the swing model treadmill, depending on making a perfect, yet consistently unattainable swing, you’re not playing golf! It’s no longer a secret — with the Golfer Positioning System your on-course performance will be:

  • Precise
  • Efficient
  • Powerful
  • Stunningly Successful!

Uncover Performance That Was Once Just an IllusionUltimately, with GPS you’ll uncover unique, reliable techniques that will quickly transform you into a PLAYER!

What is a Playing Method, and why is it different from the never-ending search for a better swing? That’s just it: The search for a better swing never ends. But GPS takes what you do and makes you better — it works with any swing model, regardless of the keys to your swing. With GPS you’ll learn how — and why! — the ball:

  • Curves Right or Left
  • Goes Higher or Lower
  • Goes Farther or Shorter
  • Stops on the Green — or Releases!
    And why your first thought may not be straight!

Ready to learn more AND watch a FREE instructional video detailing the GPS system?  Click HERE to discover Bob Duncan’s Golfer Positioning System for yourself and then come back here and tell us what YOU think of the program!


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