Golf Tip – Putting Drills for Distance Control

Two putting drills for distance control putting by Apprentice Professional, Hank Vereschzagin

One putting drill Hank uses with his students to work on in avoidance of three putts is the 10, 20, 30 and the 40 foot drill. Set up a golf tee 10 feet from the cup, 20 feet from the cup, 30 feet from the cup and 40 feet from the cup. Place a ball at each tee and start from the 10-foot and then work your way out. Make sure to putt each ball out. If you three putt any of them you must start at the beginning. Remember,  “a one putt does not allow you to three putt,” Hank Vereschzagin.

Another putting drill if you have a tendency to look up when putting try setting up a 1 foot by 1 foot square or a two by two square instead of using the cup and just roll the ball to the square. This will help work you working on distance control. Hope these easy putting drills work for you.

Hank currently carries a plus handicap and is at the beginning stages of working toward his PGA membership. He believes in teaching the core fundamentals and utilizing a players’ feel over technical jargon to achieve long lasting results.   It is the camaraderie of the game that he enjoys most and looks forward to creating that environment with all of his customers.

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