Fresh Off The Presses- The New Nike VRS Covert Driver

New ideas are hard to come by in golf. Nike Golf has just done that today. They’ve just unveiled the new Nike VRS Covert Driver- to be delivered in golf shops in February. They have carved a large cavity in the bottom of the sole of the golf club- which can’t be seen through the crown at address- in order to increase MOI and distance. Check out this video unveil that just came out earlier today:

But is it a completely new idea? Perhaps. It reminds this writer a bit of the Bullet Hollow Point driver from the mid 1990’s. The original design had the cavity go through the entire head like the art below, but the USGA ended up refusing to accept it as a legal club. The ruling came back that it was not “plain in shape.” Bullet (and golf club designer Steve Dunn) had to re-engineer the club with a crown. It was sold both ways.

We’re excited about this new golf club and will be throwing it on our TrackMan launch monitor soon to find out what this new cavity does with the performance of the club.

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