Frank LaRosa with Golf to Go talks to Craig Landon on the Cleveland Launcher Drivers

Frank LaRosa with Golf to Go on ESPN Radio 1320 talks to Craig Landon with Cleveland Golf on their brand new approach to fitting based on weight.

Cleveland Golf has recently released their new Launcher line of drivers which focus on their Right Weight Fitting System.  The whole concept behind this wood is finding a lighter weight for the golfer.  According to Landon, “Lighter, Longer, Faster” is the motto for these drivers and Boo Weekly has already made the switch on the PGA Tour.  The typical driver weight on the market today is ~325 grams and the new Launcher series of drivers can get as light as 270 grams.  What does this mean for the player?  The lighter shaft, lighter head and lighter grip can mean a faster club head speed which equals longer distance.

There are three new Launcher drivers and these are split up by tempo.  Tour players may choose the Launcher XL270, because they swing in the 120-125 range and have an ultra-smooth swing.

The Launcher SL290 weighs about 25 grams less than the average driver and is designed for increased distance and control. 

The third driver in the series is the Cleveland Launcher TL310 Ultralite which has some added club head weight for golfers who prefer a more weighty feel at the head.

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