Father’s Day: Give a Ball Back

For Father’s Day, June 21st, come to William Land Golf Course and give a father a logoed golf ball.

Remember those days when he bent down and put the tee in the ground on the driving range and then placed the ball on top when your little clumsy little eager hands couldn’t do it? You would hold the club with one hand on the middle of the shaft and one hand on the very top of the grip looking all bent over and awkward. He would at first let you struggle because he knew that is what you needed. Once you looked backwards he would then come over and put your hands over one another and fix your awful posture. He would quickly move out of the way because he didn’t want to be hit again from the back swing.

You would sometimes swing and miss the ball completely then look back at him. Or you would hit the ball right into the metal stall and dare not look back because you thought you were in trouble. However, every time he would come up to you, reset the ball, place your hands, and back up.

There was one time that day that you will never forget. You were about 100 balls deep and had hit the metal 10 times. He bent down to set your ball. He placed your hands so that it was perfect and backed up. You looked at the ball, swung, and hit it. Instead of looking back, you looked forward to see your ball actually airborne. What was weird is that someone was clapping. You turned around to see your father standing where he usually stood clapping.

He said, “Good job, Son. Let’s set it up again.”

He walked towards me again, set my ball, and walked back to his spot.

Give a Golf Ball back to your Dad who has set so many golf balls up for you.

When you come and play 9-holes of golf on Father’s Day at William Land Golf Course, receive a free logoed golf ball. Click HERE to book a tee time.

William Land Golf Course is located 1301 Freeport Blvd in Sacramento.FATHER A BALL TV

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