Don’t Make This Silly Mistake When Buying Golf Clubs

We all know that the clubs in our bag are one of, if not THE most critical asset that we have when we are out on the course.

From helping you get rid of that slice to being more consistent, hitting it farther, or allowing you to work the ball around the course, your clubs have a major impact on your performance. 

And if you are reading this then you are probably thinking about getting a new set, which we know is a big decision. 

There is a lot that goes into it.

From choosing the right club to support your goals and skill level to the right makeup of irons, hybrids, woods, etc… all the way to having the correct shaft material, shaft flex, lie, loft, grip and more you have to get it all perfect to have the absolute best chance of lowering your score. 

And, with it, comes that awesome feeling of making better contact with the ball, hitting it straighter, farther, and enjoying every second of your time on the course rather than having to buy two or three drinks at the end of a terrible round… 

HOWEVER, getting just one of these settings wrong can have a major impact on your golf game and keep you from getting to that goal. 

Yet all of this can be avoided and you can get back out on the course hitting em’ solid and farther than you ever have before as quickly and easily as possible if you would avoid this one silly little mistake that so many golfers make when buying a new set of clubs! 

“What is that silly mistake?” You ask?

Great question!

The one silly mistake that so many golfers make when buying a new set of clubs is simply not getting a professional fitting before pulling the trigger!

Being fit for a new set of clubs gives you access to a trained professional who can help you find what of the dozens of options that are available in clubs alone fit you best, as well as analyze your swing to tell you EXACTLY what shaft, flex, loft, lie and more that you need to get the perfect fit for your skill, goals, and budget! 

Getting a club fitting is like going to a doctor for your golf game, having them analyze any problems you are having as well run a few tests and hand you back a prescription of exactly what you need. 

Think you already know your specs from your last set of clubs?

Well depending on how recently you bought them they may have changed. 

You could have gotten better, your swing speed could have changed, your swing could have changed, or any other series of factors can actually make a different set make up a better fit for you to be able to take your game up a notch and start playing better golf!

And the best part is that, At Haggin Oaks, if you buy your new clubs through us you will actually have a large part of the cost of fitting go right into your purchase, saving you money when compared to many other courses! 

Ready to get a fitting and avoid the one silly little mistake that can throw you golf game out the window? (Or make you throw your brand new clubs into a pond?) Then request your Club Fitting today by calling 916-808-2531. 

We look forward to chatting with you! 

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