Christina Kim Opens Up About Depression, Thoughts of Suicide and More

I stumbled upon a recent post that Christina Kim wrote on her blog, LPGA Player Christina Kim’s blog about everything, that I wanted to share. It deals with her two-year battle with depression that started after her game declined following a painful massage she received in Malaysia back in 2010. Since an estimated 1 out of 10 adults suffer from depression, I wanted to share an excerpt of her heartfelt and honest story as she shares the long and continuing road to recovery (a journey she will always travel), in her own words…

Depression. Thoughts of suicide. Irritability. The inability to smile. 

No, this isn’t an advertisement for Prozac. This has been my life for the last two years. It’s scary to admit. That word, depression. That word often brings to mind an image of some white faced, overdramatic emo Goth girl with deep black eye makeup, blood red lips and a hatred for all of the adults in the world. Or else a listless blonde – her children wailing for attention in the background, a husband who works overtime far too often, with eyes rimmed with tears. However, a vibrant, effervescent, smiling-nay, laughing woman with a great career, (some) adoring fans, and the ability to play golf at a level most people only dream of does not come to mind. Yet, here we are. I don’t know when it started, or what caused this, but it has had me in its grips for the better part of two years.

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If you are currently suffering from depression, please know that there is help and resources available to you. Let Christina’s story and her optimism for the future help you to seek the help you need to start your own recovery. As Christina writes, “Life is not so bad. In fact, it is grand.”

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