Book A Private Fitting with XXIO in the Player Performance Studio during Haggin Oaks Golf Expo

Sign up today for your private fitting in our Player Performance Studio during The Haggin Oaks Golf Expo to trial the newest XXIO Prime X clubs with a certified fitter. This is a chance to work one-on-one with a professional fitter to get your new club(s) dialed in.

Plus, when you sign up early you’ll receive a FREE drawstring bag, no purchase necessary! 

XXIO will have fitting experts here with the newest products and golf knowledge during our three-day event, Friday, April 26 – Sunday, April 28.

There is a $25 fitting fee, that will be applied towards purchase.

Call 916-808-2531 for more information and to book your session.
Reservations are required.


    • Morton Golf says: | Reply

      If you are looking to get fit during the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo, the cost is $25 per vendor. This allows for a private fitting at the back of the driving range with an individual vendor and there is no obligation to make a purchase. There is never an obligation to make a purchase at the time of being fit. Outside of Golf Expo, we offer several different fitting options. Here is a link that will run through all of your choices:

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