Arnold Palmer Named Regular Columnist For

ORLANDO, Fla.-  “The King,” Arnold Palmer, will become a regular columnist for, where he will share his opinions about issues affecting the game of golf through an exclusive column, “Arnold Palmer’s State of the Game.” This op-ed piece will be published by several times a year.

“I have been around the game of golf since I first hit a ball when I was 3 years old. That was 80 years ago. I still have interests in golf course design, course ownership and so on, but I haven’t really played competitive golf for quite some time. So as 2012 comes to an end, I’m seeing the game as you do: as a casual player, as a fan and as a businessman,” Palmer says in his first column posted today on

“Arnold Palmer’s opinions are backed by a lifelong love affair with the game of golf, where he has seen nearly every issue from an insider’s point of view. He is not only one of the most sought after and respected figures in the game, but also a treasured icon adored by fans of all ages across the world. So when he speaks, everyone in the game of golf listens,” said Golf Channel President Mike McCarley. “We’re proud to provide a platform where Mr. Palmer can express those views as golf’s elder statesman and that we can share this with visitors to”

Reflecting on 80 years inside the game of golf, Palmer through Golf Channel – the network that he co-founded in 1995 – now has a platform to share his views about a game that he played professionally for more than 57 years. Since turning pro in 1954, he has become one of golf’s most beloved players and most important trailblazers. The first “Arnold Palmer’s State of the Game” column was just published and includes Palmer’s thoughts on the growth of the game, the emergence of golf’s newest global stars and the recent proposed ban on the anchoring of clubs. To read the entire column, go to


“Do we have issues? Sure – what truly global enterprise doesn’t? We need to keep bringing the game to youngsters and women. We need to address the distance that today’s ball travels. Slow play is turning time-starved people away from the sport. We need to encourage nine-hole rounds. We have environmental concerns to deal with and we have to keep a vigilant eye on the standards of sportsmanship that set our game apart.”


“The U.S. Golf Association and R&A recently announced a ban on the practice of anchoring clubs – usually a long or belly-length putter – against the body. I applaud them for not only their ruling, but also for the patient and thoughtful approach they took, studying the issue for years and across all levels of golf before making their decision. There was nothing knee-jerk about it. The game is in good hands.”

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