Are You Ready for New March Food Specials at Maloney’s Grille?

Even the salad looks worthy of chomping! This month’s specials are looking mighty fine: the Western Bacon Burger, Turkey Reuben, and Club Salad.

They’re here! Check them out:

The Western Bacon Burger is not messing around. It’s a 1/3 lb burger topped with onion rings, American cheese, and all the fixin’s. Ask for some BBQ sauce for an extra dreamy burger.

If not a burger, how about a Turkey Reuben? Grilled rye bread, Swiss cheese, Thousand Island dressing, oven roasted turkey breast, and sauerkraut. Remember, you can pick your side! Choose wisely… or don’t because they’re all excellent.

No membership fee needed for this Club Salad! Turkey, ham, bacon, hard boiled egg, tomato, red onion, spring mix, shredded cheese, and croutons with your choice of dressing. Can’t go wrong with any of those toppings, that’s for sure.

Keep in mind, all these food specials are just $7.99… that’s too good of a deal! Come on down and enjoy a round and a special.

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