9 Most Common Misconceptions About Golf

Golf very well may be one of the most misunderstood sports out there by those unlucky guys and gals who haven’t fallen in love with it YET.

From thinking it isn’t athletic, that it’s only for older people, to thinking that the only fun you can have is when you try and Happy Gilmore it from the range there are a lot of misconceptions about golf!

This is why we are here to address them and finally give golfers and non-golfers alike a good answer! 

Read on to get the answers and, if you’re an avid golfer, to see if you recognize any of them! 

1.) The Faster You Swing The Farther You Hit It. 

As many avid golfers may already know, the faster you swing often does not make you hit it farther, and in most cases, hitting it harder actually makes you hit it worse. 

For most golfers, the best way to hit the ball is with a regular swing speed that you are able to consistently make sound impact with the ball, instead of trying to overpower it. 

2.) The Goal Is To Hit It As Far As You Can. 

For most golfers that are wanting to actually keep score and get better, this is often not the main goal. 

In fact, the main goal is (this may sound a bit obvious) to get the ball into the hole in as few shots as possible and the way to do this is often not how far you can hit it, but instead how well you can control the direction and distance of the ball. 

3.) Golf Is Old Fashioned And Boring 

This is definitely a big one among the younger generations and, in their defense, at first glance, it can often seem that way. 

With the whispered commentators, light clapping, lots of walking, and what use to be pretty standard, single-colored attire golf can seem somewhat drab. 

However, like most sports, once you experience it and see what the modern golf community is like, it is very easy to get hooked! 

The excitement of a great golf shot, the shock and awe you experience at seeing what the pros can accomplish, the pursuit of getting better, and more all make golf the awesome sport that it is. 

4.) Golf Is Hard 

There is some truth here.

Golf, like every sport, requires practice, coaching, and good equipment to be able to play it well. 

So, yes, it can be hard to pick up and takes some time to get good at it, but it is well worth it. 

Once you hit that perfect shot, seeing it fly straight down the fairway and right on to the green you will be hooked! 

5.) Golf Is Expensive 

There is definitely some high ticket equipment out there, but for new golfers, you can actually find new or used sets for as little as $100!

And with green fees, if you walk the course, at a local public golf course it won’t cost much at all to go out and play a round here and there. 

Overall, golf may be a bit more expensive than a sport like a basketball where with the right shoes, a ball and a local park you can go play, but it definitely isn’t as expensive as many people think. 

6.) Golf Takes Too Long To Play And Practice 

The typical 18 hole round of golf is around a 4-hour commitment which may be a little too much for some, however, there are ways to be able to get your golf fix in less time. 

A good alternative is to play a round of 9 holes instead of 18 which is often cheaper and only takes about 90 minutes to complete.

Many golf courses have this option at their local course, and if not you can always just quit after 9 if you would like. 

Next, you can go to the range! 

You can go for as long or as little as you want to blow off some steam and practice your golf game.

Which reminds me, practice doesn’t have to take very long, it actually requires consistency than anything. 

And the absolute fastest way to improve your golf game is to get a coach so that you can speed through many learning barriers and get your game on track. 

7.) Golf Is Not A “Real Sport” 

This is a constant debate among golfers and non-golfers as I am sure you, the reader, know. 

Now, no matter what you say, people will often make the claim that it isn’t hard enough or athletic enough and the same claims are made for many other sports including baseball, table tennis, and more. 

However, golf is DEFINITELY a sport! 

The actual definition of a sport according to dictionary.com is “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” 

Golf absolutely fits this description and if this isn’t convincing enough, golf is also an Olympic sport and, at the time of writing this article, the top players from around the world will be competing in Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics.

8.) I Can’t Go Out Onto The Golf Course Until I’m Good 

We’ve all been here when we were first getting started, especially if we didn’t have a more experienced golfer pushing us to play. 

Although it may feel a bit uncomfortable at first, we definitely promote new golfers to get out on the course. 

There is no better way to learn then just going out and playing 9 or 18 holes on the course. 

And if you are feeling a bit nervous about going on your own, you can ask a more experienced golfer to go with you or we also have many playgroups available to join so that you can go out with a group.

9.) I Hate Collared Shirts And Khaki Bottoms 

Although there used to be and still are dress codes at some courses, many public courses have very few, if any, dress codes to follow. 

You don’t have to wear collared shirts, khaki pants, or even specific golf shoes. 

The main thing we recommend is for you to wear sneakers or closed-toe shoes while out on the course, and other than that you largely have free reign. 

Many golfers come out in jeans, T-shirts, colorful shorts, and more. 

However, if you are ever wanting to make sure that you don’t accidentally violate rules at your local course, you can just give them a call and ask, but in most cases, they are nowhere near as strict as they used to be or you might think.

That’s all we have for this one! Did we miss any? If so, let us know and give us the answer in the comments below! 

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