On the 5th Day of Christmas: Icy Craft Nutcrackers

The Icy Craft Nutcrackers, a twist on the classic Nutcracker, is sure to please the Christmas decor collector in your life. 


You’ve poured the nog, prepped the misleltoe and untangled the lights. What else could you do to add a festive touch to your home? Decorate with these classic-meets-modern Icy Craft nutcrackers. Just in from a minimalist makeover, the centuries-old soldier loses the loud colors and fluffy beard.

Nutcrackers add an air of festivity to the holidays. For the person on your list who loves George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker – who loves tradition, elegance and classical lyricism, these unusual minimalist Nutcrackers are a great gift.

The Icy Craft Nutcrackers face is frosty in color, which accentuates his bright blue eyes, while the rest of his body is icy clear.  Beautiful clear acrylic nutcrackers, an Ice sculpture look without the mess. See-through acrylic and shiny silver give these nutcrackers a modern feel. Anyone with a childlike sense of whimsy and an adult love for good design will love the addition of the  Icy Craft Nutcracker to their collection.

These nutcrackers would look beautiful displayed on a mantel with Christmas greenery and lights.

Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop has several sizes and designs of the Icy Craft Nutcracker in stock. Please visit us at 3645 Fulton Ave in Sacramento, CA.

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