10 Silliest Golf Accessories

There are hundreds if not thousands of accessories that can improve your golf game or just improve your quality of life when you’re golfing. None of these accessories do either of those things…

The modern world is a marvelous place and filled with many weird things.

Therefore, we have created a list of the dumbest golf accessories we can find but please don’t buy them… or maybe do for someone you don’t like. 

1.) Driver Drink Dispenser

This insulated 48oz drink dispenser is disguised as a driver in your bag.

The marketing blurb says “Great for ice water, iced tea, coffee or hot chocolate”, but the accompanying photo mysteriously doesn’t appear to be any of those beverages.

I would wager if you find yourself genuinely requiring something like this for your alcoholic beverages then maybe it is a sign of a larger issue. 

2.) Golf Tour Towel

Golf towels are great to have.

You can use them to clean your golf balls and your clubs.

It also is a great opportunity to sport your favorite brand, sports team, etc.

If you find yourself needing to publicly display your lack of golfing ability even more than your golf swing already does, then this is certainly the towel for you!

3.) Golf Trophy Belt

This appears to be the trophy for a tournament where no cup, chalice, or normal trophy would do.

Is your tournament as aggressive and demanding as a fight in the ring or octagon? Well then this is the trophy belt for you

4.) Golf Ball Sack

Sometimes nature is the best problem solver, but in this case, I’m not sure that is true.

This appears to be for the golfer who simultaneously needs a smaller carrying case for his golf balls and also suffers from some form of toxic masculinity.

It would also make a great joke gift though or a gift to your boss when you’re wanting to be transferred. 

5.) The Uro Club

Look at the picture. It is genuinely a product that you pee into while you pretend that you’re putting.

Am I archaic for thinking this is a million times weirder than just peeing behind a tree?

I hope this is a joke. That no one actually uses this.

The Amazon reviews are horrifyingly positive though. 

6.) Crappy Golf Balls

Do you find yourself losing every single golf ball you ever hit? Well, these are the balls for you then.

These mismatched old golf balls will make sure you don’t feel so bad about losing a couple dozen balls every weekend.

I may be crazy, but at this point, it seems cheaper to simply salvage your own golf balls from the local golf course pond. 

7.) The WOW Putter

It feels like every new golf club has a gimmick.

Usually, these gimmicks seem like marketing garbage, but sometimes they truly are innovative and new.

This putter focused on quantity over quality and included five marketing gimmicks.

These include a compass, a measuring tape, a horn, a level, and a rabbit’s foot.

Will any of these be beneficial? No, they won’t. It is certainly fun though.

8.) The Foot Wedge

Do you find yourself kicking your ball along sometimes?

Does the shape of your shoe sometimes make those illegal kicks go a little all over the place?

Well, this fantastic invention is still very much not allowed but makes your cheating even easier.

The unique club fits on your shoe and allows you to better “persuade” that ball along! 

9.) #2 Poop Putter

Everyone loves the #1 club in their bag, the driver.

Where’s the love for the #2 club in your bag?

This poop putter solves that issue that I just made up.

It is shaped in the appearance of a poop emoji.

The headcover says “It’s time to go”.

I mean I don’t know what else to say. It’s a poop putter. That’s the gimmick. 

10.) Sunscreen Flasks

Sunscreen flasks are not specifically a golf accessory but alcoholism and golf gag gifts seem to go hand in hand.

These sunscreen bottles are actually flasks.

This lets you drink on the golf course or any outdoor event where sunscreen would be normal. All your friends will simply think you’re chugging sunscreen… which is better?

I for one would be much more concerned if my friend starts drinking his sunscreen on the 15th green. 


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