Don Pottle, Tenured Teaching Professional

Don Pottle Golf Professional
Tenured Teaching Professional – Coach
Wilson Staff Player

DonPottle_1000“For almost twenty years I have had the pleasure to be associated with the Morton Golf Performance Academy at Haggin Oaks. It has been a pleasure teaching men, women and juniors of all ages and abilities to improve games and enjoy the wonderful game of golf.”

Don is a Golf Professional, Tenured Teaching Professional, High Performance Coach and Director of Corporate Clinics, and has been coaching this great game for 23 years and conducted over 13,000 lessons.
His Effortless Swing System has help golfers of all ages, flexibility, strength and abilities, to improve their game, lower their score and have more fun playing golf.

If you’re a golfer over 50 using a “normal” swing, there is a good chance it’s costing you power, distance, consistency, and a smooth injury free swing,
His coaching philosophy is to provide you with easy “Step by Step” instruction of the technique, technical and the “human skills” of the Effortless Swing System, in a fun and positive atmosphere in which you feel welcome and comfortable.

Don has been playing since the age of 12. In 1993, after an extensive business career as a Corporate Manager and Trainer, he entered the golf business and joined the Haggin Oaks Team
in 1995 and became a Certified Teaching Professional and Clubfitter in 1997.

Whether he’s coaching a beginner, someone trying to win a championship or someone that simply wants to break 100; for him, the thrill has always been to see that golfer succeed.

EFFORTLESS GOLF – The Effortless Swing System

The Effortless Swing System is a powerful, natural and strain free repeatable golf swing using your body’s natural “kinetic chain” movements and momentum to produce an effortless natural swing for all phases of your game.

With the Effortless Swing System you will learn how to create the ideal swing for every shot, bring a power draw into your arsenal, and get maximum distance and consistency with every club.


Don’s extensive knowledge and innovative coaching and teaching techniques were developed at numerous Golf Schools, NCPGA Player Development Programs and PGA Teaching and Coaching Seminars conducted by some of the world’s most acclaimed Golf Professionals.

  • Tenured Teaching Professional of the Year.
  • 2001 Alister MacKenzie – Haggin Oaks Golf Professional of the Year.

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