David Stockly, PGA Professional

“Great Golf Begins from the the Ground Up”

DaveStockly_1000David is a PGA Class A Professional with 26 years experience who is skilled at helping golfers of all ability levels improve their performance. A two-time PING Clubfitter of the Year, David is able to assist with all facets of the game: approach, mechanics, equipment, and maintaining a great attitude.

His approach to teaching begins from the ground up. With the focus on a balanced, athletic swing and David’s friendly motivating style, the results will be increased consistency and solid golf shots.

  • Beginning Golf: Grip, posture, alignment and a thorough understanding of the game and its approaches as the key to becoming a successful beginning golfer
  • Intermediate Golf: Focus on consistent shots through pre-shot routine. Diagnose weaker areas of the game and develop an effective practice routine to improve the overall quality of your game
  • Advanced Golf: Designed for the low-handicap player, this instruction will hone in on the finer points of your golf, as only a PGA Professional can!
  • Short Game Improvement: Learn to score from 60 yards and in. This course will give you the technique and club selection to improve this important part of the game
  • Putting to Win: Become the best putter In your foursome by following prove PGA putting drills
  • Driving: Learn to put the ball in play and take advantage of the par 5 5. David will teach you drills


  • Class A PGA Member
  • Named 2008 NCPGA Clubfitter of the Year
  • 2-Time All GVC Conference Player
  • Member-President’s Council for Growth of the Game
  • PGA Head Professional—Monterey Pines GC
  • Named 2007 & 2008 Morton Golf Professional of the Year

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