Zip, Zip…Zooray by Frank LaRosa, ESPN 1320 Golf To Go

Everyone loves a few tap-in pars during a round and if you’re looking to save a couple of strokes off your score, it may be easier around the green than off the tee by getting your wedge shots closer to the pin. A wedge like the CG15 Zip Groove from Cleveland Golf will give you the confidence to get the job done.

Choosing a wedge is almost mystical. It has to look right and more importantly feel right. Breakthrough milling technology from Cleveland has created 25% bigger grooves – zip grooves for more zip and shot consistency. A laser-milled face with four perfectly calibrated texture lines between each groove gives you a rougher surface and more spin. If that weren’t enough, Cleveland Golf’s design team came up with a wider sole near the heel and narrower near the toe to optimize contact.

Cleveland’s three-bounce fitting system gives you a choice for your kind of swing. If your swing is upright and you’re a digger, go for more bounce. If you’re more of a sweeper with a flatter swing, go for less. More or less, the right fit means less strokes. The CG15 Zip Groove wedge is available in chrome, black pearl and oil quench finishes. Try it at your local pro shop or learn more online at

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