What is Toptracer?

From the creators of Topgolf, Toptracer has taken the data driven technology that golf ball tracking has given and evolved it into an entertaining way to watch television and golf at the range. 

Toptracer on Television

Toptracer technology reached its initial global audience on television. Since golf was first televised, shots were difficult to convey through the screen. Balls were easily lost among the sky and clouds. Tracking shots were jarring and difficult to film as well.

Toptracer enabled networks to track golf shots and add a trace graphic onto the screen. Today this feature is used by NBC, CBS, Golf Channel, and Sky Sports. 

This technology is not limited to adding a simple graphic either. The advanced golf ball tracking technology also captures ball speed, apex, curve, carry, and many other stats as well. This information can even be displayed on a virtual course graphic.

This enables watchers from home to get the best possible viewing experience. It also means that watchers on the course can get the best experience by Toptracer graphics displayed on large LED displays out on the course. 

Toptracer on the Range

The Toptracer experience is not limited to professionals. Toptracer is being added to golf ranges around the globe. Haggin Oaks Golf Complex is adding the system currently as well.

Toptracer gives golfers the ability to take the guesswork out of range sessions. By downloading the app or interacting with a provided interface, golfers can get precise stats to help hone their game.

The app and the community go beyond the range as well. There are skill-based games available on the app. Golfers can make an account and compete against others in their community.

Accounts can access leaderboards and view other golfers who compete in the games. These games include virtually playing iconic courses, driving challenges, approach challenges, closest to pin, points game, and more.

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