The Ultimate Father’s Day Golf Gift: The Polara Pro Tour FS Mark I’ On Kickstarter

This is the Ultimate Father’s Day gift for those looking to have¬†Dad be part of golf nerd technology history!

PolaraPolara Golf, known for being the makers of the¬†world‚Äôs first and only anti-slice golf ball and the bad boys of golf balls, have launched its new¬†USGA conforming golf ball and driver on Kickstarter just in time for Father’s Day.¬†The new ‚ÄėPolara Pro Tour FS Mark I’ golf ball is unlike any golf ball you’ve ever seen or played¬†with. The dimple pattern is a cube-octahedron having 8 triangular regions and 6 square regions¬†formed by 4 great circles. Visually stunning, this could be the coolest and sexiest golf ball on the¬†planet!

The patented ‚ÄėPolara Pro Tour FS Mark I’ ball is designed to conform to USGA standards,¬†allowing it to be used for official competition. “The ‘Visual Design Dimple Technology‚ĄĘ’ at¬†work allows it the maximum distance and maximum accuracy at a lower price that reflects the¬†innovation at work,‚ÄĚ said Steve Lebischak, CEO of Polara Golf. Looks do matter!¬†Backers of our Kickstarter will be immortalized on our new pro site, as a¬†Founder with their own personal photo and message as well as be the first to receive the Polara¬†Pro Tour FS Mark I ball, and our newest driver, the ‘USS Eisenhower’ developed under our¬†‘Xtreme2Max Technology Framework‚ĄĘ’ and featuring our ‘Reactive Constant Face Plate¬†Technology‚ĄĘ’

Polara Pro Tour’s Kickstarter campaign will run until June 17, 2016. More details can be found¬†at:¬†

About Polara Golf
Polara Golf is the leader in game improvement equipment for the recreational golfer. Polara Golf‚Äôs mission is ‚ÄúTo¬†make the game of golf more fun‚ÄĚ. All of the Polara golf balls and clubs are designed for use by recreational golfers¬†who want to take advantage of technology improvements designed to help them score lower and enjoy the game¬†more. For more information about Polara Golf, please visit

About Polara Pro Tour
Polara Pro Tour is Polara‚Äôs USGA conforming line of products that the company is launching through Kickstarter.¬†The new line of products includes the Polara Pro Tour FS Mark I and a new golf driver, USS Eisenhower “IKE”.¬†Polara Pro Tour incorporates three technologies developed by Polara Pro Tour: ‘Visual Dimple Design Technology‚ĄĘ’,¬†‘Xtreme2Max Technology Framework‚ĄĘ’ and ‘Reactive Constant Face Plate Technology‚ĄĘ’. For more detailed information,¬†please visit here.

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