#ThursdayBirdDay: A New Golf Tradition

Well, it isn’t quite yet… but it’s been a little tradition on our Twitter on a lesser scale.

These days most of us are constantly at our computers. Working away the day and then taking our breaks all on the internet. 

So it was only a matter of time before the social media crew at Power Tee and our marketing team realized we were constantly online together

Needless to say, Power Tee shared bird post on a Thursday and we ran with it forever… well, we ran with it since August 2018.

From learning about intense aquatic birds to bird bathing at the golf course and mind-blowing facts that Thanksgiving is always on #ThursdayBirdDay.

Read some past #ThursdayBirdDay posts by clicking here, or just search for #ThursdayBirdDay on Twitter to follow the hilarity.

Haggin Oaks is a proud customer of Power Tee (see image below at our driving range) and they even highlighted our course on their social media outlets!

We also support each other by liking each other’s posts and sending gifs. This is still one of our favorite back and forths:

We have a good time.

So join us on Twitter or wherever every Thursday and join us with keeping the #ThursdayBirdDay tradition going. We know. So random. But why not be a little random?

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