TaylorMade Golf Company To Break Ground On New Golf Ball Plant In Liberty, South Carolina

Set to open January 2014, state-of-the art facility underscores TaylorMade’s commitment to growth in golf ball category

TaylorMadeTaylorMade Golf Company has announced plans to open a brand new golf ball manufacturing plant in January 2014. The planned 120,000 square foot facility will occupy 25 acres in Liberty, approximately 28 miles east of TaylorMade’s current facility in Westminster, South Carolina.

The move is expected to improve utility consumption, energy efficiency and work flow while reducing maintenance costs, all of which will support TaylorMade Golf’s long-term commitment to growing its golf ball business.

The proximity of the new plant to the old one will allow TaylorMade to retain its accumulated subject matter expertise necessary to make the best tour ball in the world.

“The innovation by our R&D team, the passion of our work force in South Carolina and the rapid adoption by the best players in the world have dramatically improved our position in the golf ball category,” said John Kawaja, executive vice president at TaylorMade Golf. “The byproduct of this success was the need for a new ball plant that will improve our unit production, quality and margin position.”

The current plant turns out approximately 72,000 balls per day (6,000 dozen) and 24,000,000 balls per year (2,000,000 dozen). The new facility will allow for better material flow and reduced cost per unit for a significant savings and cost.

TaylorMade expects to break ground on the new plant next month and to be finished by next January. The transition from Westminster to Liberty will be complete by July 2014.

TaylorMade, best known for its industry leading metalwoods and irons, has made significant inroads with its golf ball business in the last decade. This year, the company introduced “Lethal,” a premium, five-piece multi-layer golf ball aptly and memorably named for its remarkable tee-to-green performance. Through the first two months of the year, Lethal sales have been higher than any Tour ball in company history. Currently, Lethal is the No. 2 golf ball played on the PGA Tour.

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