“Sweetheart 2 Fore 1” Lesson Special with Kris Monaghan

Surprise your “Sweetheart” and improve your golf skills with this Valentine Special from LPGA Professional and 2-Time Winner Kris Monaghan. 

Kris Monaghan, LPGA ProfessionalHaving won at every level during her golf career, Kris knows exactly what it takes to see improvement. Utilizing a variety of teaching tools, drills and video, Kris will help you increase your understanding of the basics. No matter your playing levels, Kris will work with you and yours on the important aspects of golf, from putting to hybrids to driver.

Whether you choose the 3, 6, 12 or COMMIT to a 24-hour lesson series package, Kris will help you both become better players. With proper instruction and the award winning Haggin Oaks Golf Complex, this combination offers you the perfect platform for working on and improving your game. As an LPGA Professional/Club Fitter at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop, Kris can also help you get into the proper equipment, if needed.


This “Sweetheart 2 Fore 1” offer is available for purchase until February 28, 2014. Hour lessons only. Equipment can be provided for those in need. “Sweetheart”, family member or friend allowed. Lesson package expires 12/31/2014.  Call 916-808-2531 today.

“Sweetheart 2 Fore 1” Lesson Package Special Offer – Must Book Before February 28, 2014
Offer valid with LPGA Professional Kris Monaghan Adults Senior Junior
Birdie Level – 3 Hours of Instruction $295.00 $270.00 $215.00
Eagle Level – 6 Hours of Instruction $560.00 $510.00 $405.00
Double Eagle Level – 12 Hours of Instruction $1055.00 $960.00 $765.00
Hole-in-One Level – 24 Hours of Instruction $1980.00 $1800.00 $1440.00

Please email Kris at kmonaghan@hagginoaks.com or speak with the Haggin Oaks Appointment Office at (916) 808-2531 for details.

Want to know more about Kris? Click here for her full biography.

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