The Story Behind LinkSoul’s Caddie Academy Shirt to Save Goat Hill

The ‘Save Goat Hill’ project is a community effort to save and repair the historic Goat Hill Park municipal golf course located in Oceanside, California.

The goal of the local community in Oceanside and the golfing public is to keep the amazing and nostalgic piece of land known as the Goat Hill Park Golf Course from being developed into concrete parking lots and buildings. In 2014, the community triumphed during a Town Hall meeting that made national headlines. They won their fight to keep “the people’s park of Oceanside” a green space for recreation and enjoyment, a safe haven for kids and a place for the community to gather.. and now, their work continues.

The mission is to restore and care for one of the last remaining coastal park lands in San Diego county. To renovate, maintain, promote and operate Goat Hill Park to serve the community of Oceanside and the citizens of North County looking to enjoy golf, recreation, and community activities at an affordable level.

Goat Hill Park will be the permanent home of the North County Junior Golf Association and Caddie Academy, providing positive leadership and helping to cultivate education and job opportunities for Oceanside’s youth.

The company LinkSoul feels a responsibility to the local community and to the game of golf. With a clean conscience, they could not stand by and watch a landmark golf course be destroyed. They have created a LinkSoul Caddie Academy at Goat Hill Park shirt to help fund the Caddie Academy.

100% of the net wholesale proceeds of this great LinkSoul shirt that is now being carried at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop will go to fund the Caddie Academy program at Goat Hill Park.

Stop by the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop to pick one up today. Haggin Oaks is located at 3645 Fulton Avenue in Sacramento, CA. Call 916-808-2526 to speak with a sales associate.

To learn more about the history and fight to save Goat Hill Park, click HERE.


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