Staff Profile: Zach Roye, Food & Beverage Inventory Assistant

Zach Roye is an employee who works hard, has a smile, and works well with others; everyone likes him.

Zach has been employed with Morton Golf since 2019. He is a 2020 graduate of Sac State with a History Major. Before coming to Haggin Oaks he was a volunteer with the Sacramento State University Football Team.

Zach has had the opportunity to grow up in Fairfield, CA., on the Rancho Solano Golf Course. He has been around the game all his life. He remembers his dad and grandfather introducing him to golf when he was only four years old. He fondly told me about his grandfather telling his father, “The golfing talent has skipped a generation,” meaning that Zach had more golf potential than his dad.

He has many past reflections of being around sports with his dad; to this day, he is still the NBA “Warriors Basketball” play-by-play announcer at the games.

When Zach is not at Haggin Oaks either working or playing golf he enjoys video games, watching sports and using his culinary talent to BBQ his favorite meal.

Anyone who knows Zach will know that he enjoys hanging out with his Corgi dog, Jasper, and his many Ginny pigs.

Stop by Mackenzie’s Sports Bar and Grill and introduce yourself to Zach Roye. He is always there to help.

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