SkyTrak FREE Demo Coming to the Haggin Oaks Player Performance Studio

Try out the awesome launch monitor and simulator gadget SkyTrak on Friday, May 18th from 3:30 – 6:30 pm at the Haggin Oaks Player Performance Studio.

What makes SkyTrak so interesting and exciting? Well, not only has it won Golf Digest’s Editors’ Choice Award for two years in a row in its annual “Best in Golf” edition, but it’s also golf’s most convenient, affordable, professional grade launch monitor and simulator. It accurately captures launch data and ball flight as soon as you hit the ball. You’ll see the ball fly and receive instant feedback on every shot.

You can also play some of the world’s more famous 18-hole courses with your own clubs and at your own pace! SkyTrak has an excellent simulator feature to play and practice on thousands of golf courses in high-definition. It’s basically like a super helpful video game of the future.

To sum it up, SkyTrak delivers a realistic practice range, entertaining challenges, bag mapping, tournaments and an engaging skills assessment to keep your game sharp.

If you’ve tried SkyTrak before, the demo at Haggin Oaks will actually have the SkyTrak Version 3.1 software updates which include great, new features like:

Fairway Practice:
• Practice shaping shots on dogleg left and dogleg right fairways
• Set the distance of the dogleg to shape shots with different clubs
• Choose between easy, medium, hard
Shot Optimizer:
• Get immediate feedback on your data
• Highlighted optimal ranges for launch angle, back spin and descent angle
SkyPro integration:
• Integrate a SkyPro device for measured club head speed and accurate PTI (smash factor)

Take advantage of the FREE demo at the Player Performance Studio on Friday, May 18 and give it a go yourself!

For more information about SkyTrak, please visit

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