Range Balls vs Regular Balls: What’s the Difference?

Bing Maloney added 20,000 new range balls to their circulation. Why do range balls feel so different than regular golf balls?

Just like everyone has a specific club they prefer to play with, everyone has their preferred golf ball. There are hundreds of different kinds of golf balls available, from balls that fly farther and spin more to different colors and light up when hit. However, there’s one type of golf ball you’ll probably never find in a store: the range ball.

What is a range ball?

Range balls are constructed differently than most golf balls on the market. While regular balls are made with a focus on performance, range balls are made with a focus on durability. You might consider yourself lucky if your TP5x comes home after an 18 hole-round, but range balls are meant to be hit hundreds, if not thousands, of times before being replaced. They have to be built to last longer than a regular golf ball. To accomplish this, range balls are two-piece golf balls with a thicker outer cover and a cheaper rubber core. This thicker cover means the ball is slightly heavier, resulting in shorter distance and less spin than a regular ball.

How different do range balls perform?

Like everything else in golf, a range ball’s performance is highly based on your game and differs from person to person. However, most golfers say they see less distance and less spin from a range ball than a regular ball. This is because of the thicker cover and the biggest difference between range and regular balls: the feel. Range balls feel harder than a regular ball when struck, making it harder to spin the ball.

This doesn’t mean range balls are always worse than regular balls. Some golfers have found their performance to be similar to their performance on the course. There have even been people who have said they perform better on the range—but this might be because of a rubber mat giving their swing some extra bounce.

You’ll have to see for yourself how different a range ball is from a regular ball. Lucky for you, Bing Maloney just replenished its driving range with nearly 20,000 new balls. That means the range balls are currently in the best shape they’ll be for awhile! Head on over and hit the range and see for yourself how different a range ball is.

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