Product Review of the New Cleveland Golf CBX Wedge

Ken Morton, Jr. from Morton Golf reviews the latest Cleveland Golf CBX Wedge to discuss its consistency and game improvement features.

Cleveland Golf has a long history in the wedge business. Wedges have always been designed as blades, but there hasn’t been a lot of product that has come out that concentrates on perimeter weighting in wedges since the PING EYE 2. That has all changed with the Cleveland CBX Wedge. Check out Morton Golf’s Director of Retail, Ken Morton Jr.’s, review of the latest introduction from Cleveland.

Golfers of all abilities will hit a cavity back golf club much more solid and consistently. It is a tremendous benefit for the golfer to have the weighting going all the way around the edge of the club and for the back to be hollow.

If you look at the side plane of this wedge, you will find that it is actually thinnest in the middle of the club and thickest at the bottom. The club thickens again at the top of the club. How does this help? When you are hitting medium to full shots with your sand wedge, if you hit the ball on the bottom or top of the club, you will still get consistency on these off-center shots.

Another change in this wedge are the grooves. There are grooves within the grooves – which Cleveland refers to as Rotex face technology – this grabs the golf ball and imparts more spin on it when you are around the green.

The new CBX wedge also features a microcavity that has been drilled up into the hosel. Removing that weight from the hosel and redistributing it out towards the toe moves the center of gravity further out and puts it directly in the center of the golf club. Wedges prior to the RTX 3.0 did not offer this technology. This will improve the consistency in your wedge shots and improve the scoring in your short game.

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