ONE DAY ONLY: Titleist Fitting Tour Van at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex May 6

The Titleist Fitting Tour Van is coming to the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex on Wednesday, May 6 and we only have 6 fitting spots available! 


The mobile Titleist Fitting Tour Van combines comprehensive high level fittings with on-site club building to provide a tour level fitting experience. Titleist’s expert fitters are equipped with launch monitors and an expansive range of fitting clubs. The tour van technicians provide assembly, personalization and repair services.Call 916-808-2531 to schedule an appointment.

The cost is $100 for an hour long appointment and one category fitting. If you would like the option to fit more than one category, i.e. Driver and Irons, the cost will be $200 for a 2-hour appointment.

Options for Fittings:

Driver Fitting – The driver fitting will test and analyze a player’s launch conditions and recommend the proper Titleist driver model, loft, lie angle, shaft, shaft flex, shaft length and SFT (SureFit Tour) hosel setting for the player.

Long Game Fitting – More than a simple fairway metal fitting, the Titleist Long Game Fitting optimizes the 3-wood, establishes the most playable long iron, and provides key knowledge of carry distances, trajectory and ball spotting ability required to attack par-5s in two, long par-4s and difficult par-3s for lower scores. In addition, the long game fitting will improve a player’s course management skills by providing better knowledge and understanding of proper club selection.

Iron Fitting –The iron fitting will test the player’s iron launch conditions to identify the best model and then dramatically fit length, lie angle, shaft type, shaft flex, grip type and grip size custom specifications.

Wedge Fitting – The wedge fitting will match loft, bounce, sole design, and club face spin characteristics with a player’s swing technique. Consistent yardage gaps combined with optimal control and spin allow players to better capitalize on scoring opportunities with their wedges.

Like what you try? Purchase any club during our event and Receive a FREE Dozen Pro V1’s with Custom Imprint.

Call 916-808-2531 to schedule an appointment, today!

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